Rock and Roll is Not a Toy

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S: Colonel! Colonel, we're under heavy assault!

C: I can see that Seargent (where are my cigarettes) Allright, what's the situation

S: Sir! Spanley's scouts were squashed, sir! Heavy casualities...the barricade! The...!

B: (Slapping Seargent) Git a hold of yerself, Seargent!

C: Thank you, Beany.

S: Ah! Yes! The, the barricade fell at 1400 and the forward ranks' 10th brigade fell out... it looks like an ambush, sir.

C: Ambush Well, who the hell attacking us

S: I don't know, sir! We've got to get the men out of those trenches, they don't know which direction to fire... !

C: Wait wait.... did you hear that

S: Here what sir

C: Give me those binoculars.... yeah I see 'em allright, closing in at ten o'clock.

S: Who is it sir! Should we retreat!

C: We can't retreat, Seargent. It's a rock band!


Rock and roll is not a toy, oh no it's not a toy.
Rock and roll is not a toy,
There's so much more behind the music you enjoy.

Rock and roll is not a toy, oh no it's not a toy.
Rock and roll is not a toy,
If misemployed it has the power to destroy!

Rock and roll, oh-ee-oh-ee-oh-oh
No! Yeah! No! Yeah!
Rock and roll is not a toy,
It wasn't really Greeks that caused the fall of Troy!

(McCaleb Burnett - additional vocals
David Fernandes - drums
Lauren London - backup vocals
Jim Robbins - additional vocals
Vanessa Rotholtz - backup vocals
Josh Siegel - lead guitar)
Copyright 1995 Zach London

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