The Zach London Studio Recording Project


Dear Friends,

Throw a plastic bag over your head right now because your mind is about to be blown, and it's going to get messy.

The new Hard Taco album drops on all major streaming platforms today! 

Little Zippers

Little Zippers features all of the Hard Taco songs from the last year, including (and led by) today's song release, the barbershop quartet-inspired "Belt and Suspenders (Grandma Was Put in a Shoebox)."

Where did the album title come from? Oh, there's a great story there. Little Zippers was the name of the name of the preschool I went to when I was a youngster. It's true, you can ask my sister! And if there's a more adorable name for a room full of toddlers, I'll eat that brain-soaked plastic bag on your head. 

I like to think that Little Zippers is an equally apt title for this collection of zippy little tunes. Head over to your favorite streaming platform today and check it out. 

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